Recruitment Answers to frequently asked questions

A professional fraternity such as Delta Sigma Pi offers an ideal balance of professionalism and social interaction. We are able to help you enhance your career goals through our comprehensive series of professional events that will help illuminate your career path. A couple of noteworthy events we have held include illustrious speakers from Deloitte, Ernst &Young, General Mills, Google, and many other companies. These events along with our alumni networking events help you develop a professional network that extends far beyond your college years. Although a business fraternity is a great way to develop professional skills, ultimately the strength of the fraternity lies in the individual brothers and the unique lifelong friendships they develop.

Absolutely not! Membership in a professional fraternity doesn't mean we cut out the fun! We're much more than a campus club - we host parties, formals, tailgates, intramural sports teams, road trips, etc. These are the experiences that make college memorable along with developing lifelong friendships and nationwide contacts!

Recruitment (rush) is a process in which candidates are introduced to the Beta Kappa chapter. The Beta Kappa chapter invites new members to pledge every semester, pending acceptance through our recruitment process. Candidates must follow instructions on our recruitment page to submit an application and attend one information session. While not necessary, candidates should attend as many of the other recruitment events as possible so that members of our active brotherhood can have the best opportunity to get to know you. Candidates who are strong fits for our chapter will be invited for an interview. Following the interview, a decision regarding a bid to pledge will be made for the candidate.

Pledging is a process that develops important professional skills and teaches potential members about the traditions and values of Delta Sigma Pi. The program is designed to model the challenges of the corporate workplace. As such, the program imparts an invaluable experience to each person. All our brothers can attest to the programs usefulness and practicality in our professional and personal lives.

All candidates must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be considered for an interview. If you are extremely close to a 3.0, please feel free to email the Senior Vice President at to discuss your situation. Additionally, you must be a student at The McCombs School of Business or a student pursuing an Economics degree in the College of Liberal Arts.

There is no one single type of person that Delta Sigma Pi looks for. Our fraternity values diversity and welcomes individuality. You'll find that the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi range from all sorts of backgrounds, interests, and career aspirations. However, Delta Sigma Pi is for dedicated students who want to develop further within three areas: professional initiative, community service involvement and social interaction. We look for students who will maintain our professional image, as well as actively strive to meet the goals and aspirations of our chapter and the Fraternity.

There is no limit on the number of candidates we invite to participate in the pledge program. An invitation will be extended to anyone that is considered a "good fit" and is deemed to be qualified for pledgeship. Because Beta Kappa does not operate on a quota system, classes will vary in size from semester to semester. In the past, classes have ranged anywhere from 13 to 25 pledges.